Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dad put together a quick gallery with his comics

Way to go! Yay!
I particularly like this one about silicone implants :-))

Visit the original gallery here.

Now going nerdy on how fast is to set up this gallery, what's even more interesting is the way to publish images in a batch using Windows XP Explorer. I do have to reverse eng the process, one modification in the registry and the windows explorer can publish any folder with images in three clicks...Publishing from Mac is as fast.

If you have minimum computer skills, you can set up your own image gallery with this script. Honest, stop sharing your family pictures in Flickr, Ringo or any other public website and have your own space. You can even have your grandma upload the images for the family :-p

If you need hosting and domain registration for your gallery, Chihost is the best to go with.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Those cool google gadgets...

A set of cool gadgets every girl should have on her home page :-p


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Merge Replication creates orphan rows at Publisher (SQL Server 2005)

I submitted the following bug to the Microsoft Connect program for SQL Server 2005. If you have found problems with row filtering and merge replication in SQL Server 2005 please vote for a quicker resolution.


Monday, October 01, 2007

More on "Breaking Changes in SQL Server 2005 Replication"

We finally launched our external sql server 2005 with merge replication with pull subscriptions. After extensive QA testing, surprising data loss due to filtering, more testing with new parameterized row filter, we finally made it.

Right after we launched the servers (our publisher and distributor) and the subscribers began to synchronize we had a few conflicts we hadn’t seen in any of the test environments.

The conflict cause was CONNECT REPLICATION permission missing on the users; the server data overwrote the client data on each case.

The Books Online documentation is pretty scarce on this new permission. It only says that if you have CONTROL permission at Database level, the CONNECT REPLICATION permission is implied on the database. Also if you have CONTROL SERVER permission at server level, the CONNECT REPLICATION permission is implied as well. Other than that, there isn’t much.

The official article documenting the breaking changes can be found here:

and it does not mention the difference in permissions.

The breaking change here is that this permission that you can set through the Securables item on the user properties is brand new to SQL Server 2005.

On a SQL Server 2000 engine, the Management Studio looks like:

While on SQL Server 2005 the set of permissions for a given database looks like: