Monday, October 27, 2008

If you are an MCP, MCT and live near Seattle...Casting call for Certification Video

Casting call for Certification Video
Payment: No Pay
Production Coordinator is looking for well-spoken real Microsoft Certified Individuals (MCP & MCT) —aged 21 or older, all ethnicities and types - to appear as Microsoft testimonials. Most testimonial days last between 2-4 hours and are filmed in the greater Seattle, WA area. Accepted applicants for shooting will be provided with lunch. Pre-Interview is required. (Pre-Interview will take place Week of October 27th)
Testimonial applicants will have had a positive experience with Microsoft Certifications. They will then tell us why they chose to get certified and how being certified impacted their career journey.
Send picture, current job position and a brief description of your Microsoft Certification experience to:
Electronic submissions only.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

If you delete a data partition on a merge repl, make sure you do this additional clean up

We wanted to delete old data partition on our merge publication. The Management Studio has a nice UI to view the data partitions and generate the dynamic snapshot per partition, also to delete the partitions you no longer need.

Be warned that this nice UI delete button won't delete the partition folder at the distributor nor will delete the dynamic snapshot job at the distributor. If you try to add a partition with the same filter token, it will fail.

In order to have a fresh start for that partition value you should:

1. Verify that the subscriptions that use that data partition don't exist anymore.
2. Delete the data partition using the Publication Properties UI
3. Delete the data partition using the sp_dropmergepartition stored procedure:

use [Published_Database]
exec sp_dropmergepartition @publication = N'Publication_Name', @suser_sname = N'', @host_name = N'the string we use to filter the data part'

4. Delete the replication partition folder manually at \\distributor\repldata

Happy data merging!

PS SQL Server version 9.00.3228

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