Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogger to stop FTP publishing...

Whatever was free once, is no longer free, after all, Google has to get money out of something else, other than ads...
I had used Blogger for a while, probably since their beginning when it was acquired by Google.
I never liked to host my blog on their servers though, and I still won't. Hosting on my own account gives me the freedom of owning anything I post, whether it is a rant, an image or just random IT knowledge.
Blogger has cut down features little by little. First the labels on the blog, then the amount of available HTML/CSS themes, now the FTP publishing.
Bottom line, you either host with them or you'll be eventually unable to use them.

I guess the conversion to Wordpress is mandatory now. No more procrastination for me.


PS. On the bright side, I'll be able to close my gmail account, I never use it and it is full of spam. I won't force the kind people who leave comments to have a Gmail account and I'll have full control on my ramblings...and the infrastructure that supports it.



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