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This is the “about me” page. Who is the author of all the posts on The Nice Web?

My name is Lizet Peña de Sola. I’ve been around computers since I was 13 and wrote my first program in procedural Pascal. I’m a pragmatic trained engineer with passion for Math and programming.  I enjoy developing software and building things that work, on their own, and scale. Most of the time, my work becomes my hobby and the lines get blurry.

My main career goal is to build functional systems with reduced complexity, solving problems through source code. I firmly believe that software solutions, technology and automation, used properly,  have the power to make the world a better place.

I have a few “mantras”: simplify without risking security, remember that your code will be reviewed by other developers, no one codes under a rock anymore… Be kind when you write your source code, make the intent clear. Over-engineering is a trap you should watch for.

I currently work for Microsoft helping customers on their transition to the cloud. Most of the posts on this blog are my own career learnings and opinions throughout the years. They do not represent (necessarily) the opinions or learning experiences of my coworkers…

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Thank you!

One thought on “Who’s the author of this blog?”

  1. Hi Lizet – just wanted to pick your brains on the (Brangelina) merge replication issues you reported a while back. Please can you drop me an email with your new address and then I can mail you.
    Many thanks,
    Paul Ibison

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