Getting spam from Gmail

Today I received a phishing email from an account in Google.

What is sad is that Google wants to protect its clients so badly that there is no trace of the client’s IP on the email headers. All you see is the Google’s IP.

This, imho, is not right. I want to see the sender, if the sender is so concerned about his/her IP being exposed, he/she sure will know enough to hide it. This is not Google’s job…

You certainly don’t want to receive unsigned letters…
Yes, my anti-spam filter caught the message, but I want to see who sent it.

Here’s Google’s disclaimer:

User IP addresses

Protecting our users’ privacy is something we take very seriously. Personal information, including someone’s exact location, can be gathered from someone’s IP address, so Gmail doesn’t reveal this information in outgoing mail headers. This prevents recipients from being able to track our users, or uncover what may be potentially sensitive personal information.

Don’t worry — we aren’t enabling spammers to abuse the system by not revealing IP addresses. Gmail uses many innovative spam filtering mechanisms to ensure that spammers have a difficult time sending bulk emails that arrive in users inboxes.

What happens when their innovative system fails?

Yes, I filled out the form to report the spam, but I got the Hollywood answer, don’t call us, we’ll call you…


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