Cross browser compatibility…ain’t it fun?

We are still on the testing period for the application and we found a real cool resource for testing cross-browser compatibility. Visit the website here
The cross-browsing tests are done via a Java-applet that shows a desktop with about 10 types of browsers, you can previously select the OS and screen resolution you want. All versions of Mozilla till Firefox, IE, Opera, and NN are there, Windows and Linux are among the OS to choose and they promise Mac OS in a near future.
I had used BrowswerCam in the past but only for the snaptshops the browser screens, which is good for designers but not very usefull for web developers. I got a reply on a list now that also offers the actual testing with browsers and even has Mac OS that doesn’t. BrowserCam prices are a little higher though.
Okay, our app got an A+ in the tests with IE 5 and 6, all type of Mozilla to Firefox, but failed on NN and IE4, hrmmmmm, probably the JScript that Visual Studio.NET is generating is not the best ECMAScript subset…
I found these two usefull resources to understand the difference between JavaScript, JScript and what ECMAScript is:
Resource 1 at DevGuru
and the best encyclopedia on the net Wikipedia:
Resource 2 at Wikipedia, history of ECMAScript
Oh joy! Tomorrow we’ll spend the day finding out what’s going on, stay tuned!

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