Today, no techie stuff. Promised

I’m beginning to get quite fond of blogging, it somehow helps me to remember what I did a week ago or on what I spent/(wasted?) my time.
Dear Diary:
Last Thursday evening I spent most of my time talking of books with my friend, Eric (there’s no url here cause Eric has his server down at the moment), the conversation didn’t start right on the books thing, but as good friends we are, we let out minds wander from one subject to another and ended up talking about books and the characters we miss the most, after closing the last page.
Eric’s favorite character was a warrior of a fantasy book, I’ll post the link as soon as I find the book at amazon.
Probably Obscured by Code’s blogger already knows all this, as we’ve read more or less the same books, my favorite characters, they happen to be females most of them in order of reading:

  • Lady Jesssica, Paul’s mother on Dune, the reason, all her Bene Gesserit knowledge.
  • Ellie Arroway, in Contact (the book, not the movie), the reason I liked the character, she was fond to playing with signals, white noise, math transforms and why not, if anyone ever talks about Fourier series, my sympathy is taken, for granted.
  • Arianne Emory, in Cyteen, the original Ari, not the clone, the reason, well, it’s hard to tell, she highly qulaified as “evil witch” but somehow her work and dedication outlived her.
  • Lysis de Mileto on “The eye of Dyndimenio”, no link at amazon.
  • Ok now, three male characters I have had a crush on, Aragorn, but what girl wouldn’t fall in love with him, Paul’s father in Dune and the lonely Case in Neuromancer.

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