The Ideal Programmer

I forgot the exact source of this paper. I believe it’s used at UCLA, to impress junior students.

What an ideal programmer should be/do/have done:
(1) Read a manual
(2) Written a program from scratch on your own
(3) Written an application used by more than 10
(4) Written application code that was used (is being
used) for 3 consecutive years
(5) Documented your code
(6) Published your documentation (for posterity)
(7) Written code and shared it with another
(8) Use consistent naming conventions within your
(9) Use a database
(10) Use source control (any form of history of
previous versions of code)
(11) Have separate development and production
(12) Have separate development, test, and production
(13) Have done a security analysis of your application
and environment
(14) Designed and tested a disaster recovery plan for
your application

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