a week without bloggin’, tsk tsk

It’s been a busy week indeed. Not busier than before though. I managed to create an installer for the windows service, fine tuned the algorithm, refactored the code with this new cool tool I found netRefactor from KnowDotNet and have kept myself busy in the evenings doing some code for fun…
Kenny and I are trying to start studying for the MCSD cert online, already set up our YMs for that and I hope we don’t procrastinate longer than this weekend, heh.
On the code for fun side :). It’s been a fun project, kind of tricky, reading emails from an IMAP inbox and importing them into a database, handling attachments, the always messy MS Outlook stationeries et-cetera. I’ll talk about it as soon as I get home…yup, a gal have to work 😛

PS. And we got a comment at TNW’s Resources about an Ajax debugger, can’t wait to try it to finally set up TNW’s home page, Google won’t score us in the first page yet, so we need to improve that “under const” space, hopefully with some Ajax stuff 😀

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