What I’ve been working on: Localization and Globalization with ASP.NET 1.1

Good resources for this topic can be found at dasBlonde’s blog
You might like to read this thread in particular: A hot discussion thread on Localization Architectures
If you’re racking your head off with a database design that suits your Globalization needs a good article for that is: database design examples
Last and no least the whole fallback process for locating resources files in satellite assemblies…
The most tricky thing about Localization in ASP.NET 1.1 is the assemblies naming convention, without it, the whole process of locating the proper resource file will fail and your application won’t speak all the languages that it’s supposed to. Notice that the naming convention for ASP.NET 1.1 differs a litle from the naming convention in Windows apps.
A good article for that is MSDN Locating Resources on Satellite Assemblies
Note: You don’t have to create the assemblies by hand using the AL.exe utility, VS 2003 will do it for you, you don’t even need to create a separate project with the .resX file so it will be compiled into a dll, no need, VS 2003 automatically converts your .resX files into dlls, each one will be a satellite assembly.
My directory structure looks like this:
|_ \en\Resources.resx
|_ \fr\Resources.fr.resx
MyApp so far speaks only two languages, English, from the en-US culture and French from the fr-FR culture.

Stay tuned, I’ll publish a good user control wrapper to save you lots of code while using the ResourceManager class…


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