I’m a MCP :-p

Today is my first day at the office after a nice week of vacation. I had such an hectic schedule last month that I spent a lots of time without blogging. The main reason was the time I spent studying for the cert exam 70-305. So yes, I passed the exam.
Advice for those who want to write the exam, try to make as many preparation tests as you can, the exam cram book is a good guide, take the official documentation as a reference, but it shouldn’t be the only reference you use. Most of the questions will have slight tiny details on each possible answer, some of them will offer more than two correct answers but you need to select the most efficient solution, so you basically have to train yourself apart from knowing the subject.
Ok, now I’m back to a hectic schedule again but promise to sleep more than 5 hours a day šŸ˜‰

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