INETA launch, 2nd part, Saskatoon, Sat June 3rd.

Saskatoon there I go on Saturday!
I’d like to invite all the .Net developers in the Saskatoon area to a short presentation I’ll be giving this Saturday on the U of S, College of Enginering. Details of the event can be found here.
I’ll be doing 5 demos in total regarding Data Access, Membership, Profiles APIs in ASP.NET 2.0 and XML Support and Web Services in SQL Server 2005.
I upgraded my laptop last night to 1.5GB or RAM, so hopefully the VPC will run faster this time.
I would like to thank Bob Beauchemin
for his help preparing the SQL Server 2005 demos, he is a well known speaker and wrote the original Data Platform Series for Microsoft Launch. I appreciate the time he took to answer my questions regarding the CacheSync demo and the tips he gave me for optimizing the VPC.

I still have to prepare myself more tonight and take the time for the final presentation. I hope the audience enjoys the content as much as I did when I attended the Data Platform and Developer Track training.


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