finally, the app’s done, let’s test in the beta server…Whoa! What the heck?????

After a few months of work the app is done, it runs smoothly with your local MSSQL, all is good, all is good, let’s move it to the beta server and run a few tests before handling to QA.

@#@%#@ what the heck???? My local sql server had gotten the data from the beta server, it should all work the same…it doesn’t. Lemme see the SPROCs’ code, lemme check it again, it should work! Let’s roll back, let’s commit again, it should work??? Wait, is the data what it’s supposed to be?

The relief of the nightmare, here’s the medicine, gal: Tools for comparing and sync databases, the SQL Bundle

And the always sweet file/folder comparing tool, here’s the super Araxis Merge

There you have! Yo data!

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